Hurricane Strong Dedication to: Courtney Pridgen

Patricia Eanes

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Hurricane Strong we stand. Yesterday, Today, and every day.  Hurricane Strong doesn’t only describe the schools connection between each person but the connection between each person and Courtney. Courtney was an astonishing person who could literally make every moment worthwhile. Everything she did, whether big or small, came straight from her heart. When we take a step back and look at who Courtney was, we realize how perfect she was. She wasn’t just a stranger to anyone but somehow made a friendship out of every conversation, myself included. Just to be in Courtney’s presence was a thrill for she could light up a whole day with just one smile. As Courtney’s close friend I feel I can speak for every person when I say, there are only nice words to describe Courtney, words like incredible, inspiring, friendly, exciting, big hearted, etc. Every heavenly word that could possibly be thought of is all aimed towards her. Which only makes it harder; we can’t get it into our heads “why her?” Take a look around and look at what Courtney has done. Each and every day we live in Hurricane strength. Not only do we grow closer as a community, but we also grow closer to Courtney no matter how large the distance is. Courtney isn’t gone, we see her every day in many ways from the beautiful sunrise she has allowed us to witness to the friendships she has created within Flomaton. Courtney’s friends are friends with family and family are friends with strangers and strangers are now friends and family. Courtney has nothing but love in her remembrance and sheds nothing but love for us. Every prayer is counted and every blessing is taken in for we have seen an angel and we now know the true meaning of Hurricane Strong.

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