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Black History

Patricia Eanes

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Let’s all just take a moment and appreciate Black History month. Each day we communicate with these amazing people that we would not have the chance to meet without the actions taken in history. How about the 15th amendment when blacks got the right to vote or the 14th amendment that gave citizenship to all people even blacks and the 13th amendment which ended slavery. Black history month is the month we appreciate all of these historical actions and celebrate where we are now. We are all thankful for the impact African Americans have had on our nation. Roles such as concerts performing for the appreciation of black culture boost the spirits of many. Black History month is taking place worldwide, not just in one nation; for instance, Kwanzaa National Day is a 7 day celebration which is taking place today in mainly Africa but is also spread to the U.S. and in the souls of African Americans themselves. Dances are performed, concerts are in action, and cultural marks such as food, characters, religion, ceremonies and more all contribute to the celebration of Kwanzaa National Day. Let’s not forget about our black culture this month. Spread the appreciation.

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Black History