The Storm

Social Issue: Gun Violence

Grace Morgan, Raylin Wesley, and Avery Vickery
May 24, 2019

Social Issue: Child Abuse

Chelsea Black, Anna Knowles, and Magan Engle
May 20, 2019

Social Issue: The Effects of Pollution

Mary Beasley, Trinidy White, and Alyssa Messmer
May 16, 2019

Social Issue: The Effects of Drug Abuse

Mattie White, Jackson Steele, and Sam Smith
May 14, 2019

Social Issue: Decline of Farming

Andrea Emmons, Blaine Johnson, and Brooke Welch
May 6, 2019

Police Brutality: Through An Officer’s Eyes

Megan Hall, Michael Ledford, and Allanis Plank
February 2, 2019

Social Issue: Animal Cruelty

Emily Creamer and Savannah Blackburn
January 7, 2019

Social Issue: Climate Change

Michael Dunn, Aiden Marion, and Matiaya Odom
December 21, 2018
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