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Prom Queen 2013!

Jamie Dailey, School News Editor

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Last Saturday night, Flomaton High School hosted prom 2013 in the auditorium. The theme was called “A Night in the Park” in which the juniors spent a couple of weeks to set up.

That night, the juniors and seniors dressed up in their tuxes and dresses and attended lead out at seven. The junior class officers started it off followed by the junior class. The senior class officers went after the junior class, and the senior class completed lead out.

After lead out, the prom sponsor, Shannon Turner, and Flomaton High School Principal, Scott Hammond, ascended the stairs to the stage to crown the king and queen. The crowd was quieted by announcer, Jerry Aaron, and they were proclaimed.

Miss Brooke Carden, along with the rest of the anxious senior girls, had the wonderful opportunity to win one of the most wanted high school titles. You could see the excitement light up in her face as she trailed toward the stage to receive her sash and crown.

When asked if she was expecting the big win, she answered, “The people that voted told me that they voted for Clayton and me. When they called Clayton’s name for king, I was hoping I would be called for queen; when it had happened, my heart totally stopped.”

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Prom Queen 2013!